Monday, March 21, 2011

Life With Two!

Because my mom is awesome, she does daycare for Maddie and Miles. It saves Tim and I a LOT of money (daycare is insanely expensive!) and Maddie loves going there. But, like any daycare provider, she needs a vacation every now and then, and this week she's down in Florida. We don't have a back-up daycare, so I'm off today and tomorrow with the kids. Today it was 50*, so we decided to get out of the house and get some fresh air. We have a membership to the zoo, so we packed a lunch and headed out there. I was worried it would be crazy-busy, but it wasn't too bad. Maddie's favorite was Discovery Bay, where they have the fish, sharks, and dolphins. But she wasn't too sure about the sharks. She had me cracking up! I was taking this picture, and just before I took it, a shark swam behind her. I pointed it out, and she looked at me with big eyes and said, "Get me outta here!"

Miles was a little trooper and loved seeing the colorful fish in the smaller aquariums. He's becoming so much more aware of his surroundings. He's so damn cute!

We got home and took a nice long nap, which is something we all needed. Maddie and I are both fighting colds, and Miles is teething, so sleep the past few nights has not come easily for any of us. I love days like this! It really makes me wish I could be a stay-at-home mom, or at least just work part time. Unfortunately, that's not in the cards right now, but maybe some day!

Miles has his 4-month checkup tomorrow! I'm so excited to see how much he's grown since his last appointment. I'd say he's at least 15 pounds, and he's so long! I'm not looking forward to shots, but he handled them really well last time so hopefully this time won't be any different. OH! And he rolled over yesterday, back to front! He's been working on it for a couple days, but he finally got it yesterday. Of course, he started fussing right away because he hates being on his tummy. Silly boy!


  1. Ruby hates being on her tummy too. She gets SO pissed! I think she's also on the verge of teething too There's lots of drool and chewing going on. So far she has been kind to us at night though *keeping fingers crossed*. I love the pic of miles. Ruby has the same little toy :)

  2. Been thinking about you! We now have a 3 month old foster baby and I'm 24 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. When it rains it pours, right? LOVE seeing the pictures of the kiddos!